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Camtel is managed by two statutory organs: the Board of Directors and Management.

Under the authority and control of the Board of Directors to which he is answerable, the General Manager is responsible for the day-to-day management and implementation of company policies.

Management is composed of services falling directly under the General Manager, departments in the central administration and external services.

Services falling directly under the General Manager:

  • Technical Advisers;
  • The Special Services;
  • The Audit and Control Division;
  • The Strategy and Forecasting Division;
  • The Cabinet of the General Manager;
  • The Communication Unit
  • The Translation Unit;
  • Legal Affairs and Disputes Unit;

Central Administration:

  • The Sales Department (SD);
  • The Department of Projects (DP);
  • The Departement of Transmission Networks (DTN);
  • The Department of Access Networks and Service Platforms (DANSP);
  • The Department of Information Systems and IP Networks;
  • Department for Finance and the Budget (DFB);
  • Department for Human Resources (DHR);
  • Department for Procurement and Logistics (DPL).

External services:

  • Urban Delegation for Douala;
  • Urban Delegation for Kribi;
  • Urban Delegation for Limbe;
  • Adamaoua Regional Representation (RRA), Ngaoundere;
  • Centre Regional Representation (RRC), Sub-Department for Mfoundi excluded;
  • East Regional Representation (RRE), Bertoua;
  • Far-North Regional Representation (RREN), Maroua;
  • Littoral Regional Representation (RRL), Wouri Sub-Department apart;
  • West Regional Representation (RRO), Bafoussam;
  • North Regional Representation (RRN), Garoua;
  • North-West Regional Representation (RRNO), Bamenda;
  • South Regional Representation (RRS), Ocean Sub-Department apart;
  • South-West Regional Representation (RRSO), Fako Sub-Department apart.
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